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Welcome to the new PSCFC.

The Palmetto State Clean Fuels Coalition (PSCFC) is an initiative of the South Carolina Energy Office and is part of the Clean Cities program, one of nearly 100 designated coalitions in the United States. The Department of Energy approved the application for PSCFC's designation in 2003, recognizing the commitment of our stakeholders to building an alternative fuels market in South Carolina as a statewide coalition in 2004.

Clean Cities is a locally based, voluntary public/private partnership coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that expands the use of alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel. Legal alternatives under EPAct92 include CNG, ethanol, methanol, electricity, and liquefied petroleum gas (propane).

The U.S. Department of Energy developed this program in order to promote energy use in the transportation sector that is clean, safe, less dependent upon foreign sources, and sustainable. Clean Cities builds on local initiative and partnerships and nationwide networks to achieve its goals. By combining local decision-making with voluntary action by partners, this grassroots community action is a departure from the usual top-down approach of federal programs. These coalitions create effective programs that will combine for a sustainable nationwide alternative fuels market.

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