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SC Energy Office offers two-low interest loans for energy efficient improvements. These loans will allow for fleet energy savings such as vehicle conversions and anti-idling equipment in addition to the previously approved, traditional building energy savings measures.


ConserFund Loan

ConserFund is a low-interest revolving loan program administered by the SC Energy Office for energy-efficiency improvements in state agencies, public colleges or universities, school districts, local governments, and private nonprofit organizations. The ConserFund loan can be used to convert fleet vehicles to alternative fuels. The loan can be used to cover the conversion and incremental costs with qualified payback periods. The loan may cover up to 100% of eligible project costs ranging from $25,000 to $500,000 per state fiscal year.

Visit the ConserFund FAQ for more information or download the ConserFund Technical Analysis Guidelines for Fleet Conversions


Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan (EERL)

The Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan (EERL) program was established through the US Department of Energy/South Carolina Energy Office using “stimulus” funding. It is administered by the Business Development Corporation (BDC) by contract with JEDA. The purpose of the loan fund is to enable business and industry to save money by saving energy. This loan fund can be used for alternative fuel vehicle conversions and incremental costs with qualified project payback periods. The loan may cover up to 100% of the project costs ranging from $50,000 to $1 million and must be repaid after one-and-one-half times the projected payback period of the loan. The fund is also open to other entities including utilities and government agencies.

Visit the EERL FAQ for more information. 


Incentives to utilize advanced vehicle technologies