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The Hubcap: August 2020

UPDATE: South Carolina Round 1 Volkswagen Settlement Projects

Projects funded during Round 1 of the Volkswagen Settlement in South Carolina are being implemented and some projects have been completed.


The Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Funds (often referred to as...

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Adsorbed Natural Gas Vehicles: What are they and how can they fit into your fleet?

During this time of social distancing, Palmetto Clean Fuels (PCF) is offering the opportunity to escape through a virtual vehicle demonstration! Join us on a virtual webinar to learn about adsorbed natural gas (ANG) vehicles and how they can fit into your fleet.

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South Carolina’s Energy Office Launches Energy Saver Tool and Website

The South Carolina Energy Office, housed within the Office of Regulatory Staff, has launched a new online Energy Saver Tool and website to help consumers easily find energy-saving programs. The tool and website were built in partnership with NIC South...

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Nearly 70% of Light-Duty Plug-in Electric Vehicles in the United States Were Assembled Domestically

Of all light-duty plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on the road in the United States through 2019, 69% were assembled domestically. Light-duty PEV sales from 2010 through 2019 were used to estimate the number of on-road PEVs in the U.S. Other countries that assembled more than 1% of light-duty PEVs in use in the U.S....

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STRIDE Collaborative Virtual Partners Meeting

The STRIDE Collaborative is excited to present tours for the STRIDE Collaborative Virtual Conference.
The conference will include a number of virtual facility tours and vehicle displays. The STRIDE Collaborative is excited by the unique opportunity to bring tours and events that would normally...

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Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVI) Now Offering Live Instructor-Led Virtual Training

What is Virtual Training?
Virtual training is instructor-led training in a virtual classroom. You will experience the same high-quality learning with expert instructors and updated content that NGVi has been delivering since 1989 -- from the comfort of your own space. 

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DOE Announces $139 Million in Funding for 55 Projects to Advance Innovative Vehicle Technologies

US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette announced $139 million in federal funding for 55 projects across the country that will support new and innovative advanced vehicle technologies. Six of these innovative projects will be led by teams in Michigan.
“Technological innovation is key to...

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US Energy Savings Due to Light-Duty Plug-In Electric Vehicle Use Estimated at 44.8 Trillion Btu in 2019

Due to their efficiency, plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) reduce the amount of energy used by light-duty vehicles compared to their internal combustion engine counterparts. Estimates show that the energy savings in the United States due to light-duty PEVs in 2019 was 44.8 trillion Btu, up 47% from 2018. The reduction...

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The State of Sustainable Fleets Report is a First-of-its-Kind Industry Resource

The commercial transportation industry is at a critical inflection point. While diesel and gasoline have dominated for decades, we are now approaching a new era where clean and advanced vehicle technologies can compete on performance, range, and an overall total cost of ownership—all while delivering significant...

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Plug-In Electric Vehicles Are Available in Many Passenger Vehicle Size Classes

Half of all plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on the road in 2019 were mid-size cars, but PEVs are available in size classes ranging from two-seaters to minivans. Together, compact cars and large cars accounted for nearly 30% of the PEV population. Standard sport utility vehicles (SUVs) accounted for 9% while small...

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How Solar-Charged HVAC Keeps Trucking Cool

When most businesspeople travel for their jobs, they retire to their hotel room at the end of the day. However, when long-haul truck drivers are finished with their work, they move to the back of their truck cab into what is called the sleeper compartment.
Long-haul, over-the-road truck drivers...

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Lonestar Specialty Vehicles Partners with In-Charge Energy For Turnkey Electric Vehicle Energy And Charging Solutions

Lonestar Specialty Vehicles announced it has partnered with In-Charge Energy, an energy solutions company based in Los Angeles, California, to provide customers Turnkey Energy and Charging solutions for fleet conversion to electric vehicles.

Lonestar SV embarked on a mission in 2019 to provide a solution to...

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